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Moon dances through sky; lands on pillow.

We drove home late, when the full moon was riding in the sky. It came with us, according to the children. We rolled across the dark hills of Gippsland through shadowy eucalypt forest lit silver by the kaleidoscoping moon.

Then the freeway, a Jeffrey Smart painting made three dimensional by John Holland Constructions, the only difference being that these days the paintings are more minimalist than the road, which is littered with oversized artworks. A large black bird pecking at an iron chip. An orange bridge. Then a green one. Then a faux hotel that is just sheer bad taste, like a real hotel. Indeed, they should have built a real one so that the bad taste at least had a purpose, like an Alessi juicer.

The moon disappeared and the children slept and then we turned into our short street with the No Through Road sign at the top. The moon slid to a stop just as we did, and sat in the poplars at the end of the street. Look, it came home with us, said William, sleepily. I carried sleeping, heavy Thomas inside and William walked in the dappled darkness to the front door and inside the dark house and the moon was shining on his pillow. Tracy tiptoed inside with the babe with two teeth in her arms. Soon all three children were asleep and dreaming moon dreams.


Fast Sunday night dinner, late: pasta with two cheeses.

This comes together in the time it takes to cook the pasta, so no excuse to pick up fast food on the way home.

I used Da Vinci whole wheat fettucine, not because it is supposedly healthy, but because it imparts a more robust flavour to the dish and carries the cheese.

Cook your pasta. Whole wheat will take slightly longer. Be patient. Open the wine. I had bought a bottle of Wild Dog Gippsland Chardonnay and thrown it into the freezer for fifteen minutes. That's all it needs. The bottle warns you not to chill it too much, which makes a nice change from bottles of wine warning you not to drink too much.

When done, drain pasta and return it to the pan. I opened a pack of Tarago River Shadows of Blue. How to fold it through the pasta? You can't cut the stuff. It oozes like lava. Tricky, but we got there. Now add a handful of chopped rocket and a couple of tablespoons of those semi-dried tomatoes that come in a jar of half vinegar, half oil. Fold it all through over a low heat for twenty seconds. Add a shower of parmesan and serve.


And all the night's magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

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neil said...

The moon and two cheese pasta - nice segue. It was a sad day when Tarago River closed down their inhouse retail shop, we loved going there.