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City of Yarra diners to save the world one blanket at a time.

National Geographic reports that due to the sheer scale of China's growth, its carbon output will continue to soar until at least 2030 before less polluting technology starts to cut in:
So for the time being, China's carbon emissions will continue to soar. I talked with dozens of energy experts, and not one of them predicted emissions would peak before 2030. Is there anything that could move that 2030 date significantly forward? I asked one expert in charge of a clean-energy program. "Everyone's looking, and no one is seeing anything," he said.
No problem: Yarra Council to the rescue of world pollution. The council wants to tax - or ban - gas heaters at outdoor cafes:
(e) the amount collected in the coming year be used to subsidise/provide blankets (preferably Fair Trade blankets) for patron use in outdoor dining areas with no outdoor heaters, with the mechanism for their fair distribution to all interested businesses to be determined by officers.
But can I have a heater if I order a cold salad? Or sushi?


White Dove said...

I am stunned....words escape me !! word verification: WARMTHE !!

kitchen hand said...

Now that's interesting, White Dove. For quite some time now I have been watching word verification and have noticed that it sometimes puts up a word in some way related to the story; often convoluted or garbled but nevertheless with a definite link. Word verification is STALKING us.