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Child wins wine vintaged in birth year.

One of the benefits of working from home is that I can pick up the children from school and kindergarten.

Last Friday William came out of school with a heavier bag than usual. He pulled out a wrapped package. The wrapped package was a prize in the annual Father's Day raffle. He gave it to me.

I opened it. Inside was a bottle of Mt Avoca sauvignon blanc and two carefully boxed crystal wine glasses. In this nanny state era of juvenile warnings on food products and alcohol bottles there is something amusing about a 6-year-old winning a bottle of wine at school.

The wine was a 2005 vintage, so someone had had it for a while before donating it for the raffle. Most SB is young and acid, but this had some colour and tasted of butterscotch or something else sweet and rich. Sacher torte? Almond tart? Key lime pie? That's probably closer. We drank it - 'we' meaning Tracy and me - on Sunday night, Father's Day, with pasta with asparagus in a light cream sauce. Nothing special: cook the pasta, throw in the asparagus for a minute before draining, drain, throw some cream in the hot pan with a dash of wine and pepper, reduce, pour over the pasta and asparagus. Flakes of hard cheese over the top.

William was born in 2005, we noted, draining the Mt Avoca.


neil said...

And Mt Avoca has had no rain for the past month, croppers are worried, but by and large, all the vigneron's dams are full, so future raffle are probably safe for a while.

kitchen hand said...

Good news, Neil. The Mt Avoca area is one of Victoria's most beautiful.