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Spring lunch: omelette with leeks, capsicum and cummin seeds.

Omelettes? Who makes omelettes any more? I can't even spell them. I took three tries to get it right and I'm still not sure. Omelette?
I haven't seen an omelette in years. My mother made one once with cheese in it. Mmmm. I'm warming to the idea.

Forget the spelling. Take a cast iron pan. Oil it. Chop a leek finely into thin rings. Chop a red capsicum finely into equally thin albeit larger rings.

Lightly beat half a cup of milk into four eggs. Add salt and pepper. Add three cummin seeds and a pinch of dried basil.

Line the cast iron pan with the leek rings. Add the capsicum. Place the pan on the stove and turn on the heat to get the pan warming up. When it's almost hot pour over the eggs. Place a lid over the pan. Turn down the heat. Walk away. Come back in ten minutes.

How it turns out depends on your pan and the heat and your technique. I placed a plate upside down over the pan, and flipped them over, and it came out cleanly, like a tarte tatin; the leeks making a sheeny circular pattern, with a smoky delicious aroma.

Eat hot with salad, or cold in a sandwich of turkish bread lined with lettuce, pickled turnip and hommus.


Dr. Alice said...

This sounds delicious, almost more a frittata than an omelette. This sounds like I'm splitting hairs as they both are made up of egg and vegetables(what's in a name anyway?)
I especially like the sandwich idea, which sounds delicious.

kitchen hand said...

Dr. A, I get confused with the names. I always thought a frittata was an unfolded omelette so I suppose you are right - this was unfolded.