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A taste of summer.

An old favourite for these warmer nights:

Pasta with tomatoes and fresh ricotta

You barely need a recipe. The fresh summery ingredients fall into each other’s arms like new lovers.

Boil up a pot of pasta. Tagliatelle or fettucine will help take up the wettish sauce.

Warm some olive oil in a pan large enough to take the cooked pasta; add a finely chopped onion and a chopped garlic clove. Warm through and cook gently until softened but not browned. Add six chopped vine-ripened tomatoes, and salt and pepper. The tomatoes should be very ripe and juicy. If not juicy enough, add a dash of white wine to the mix. Cook five minutes on gentle heat until the tomatoes break down and cry tears of sweet summertime flavour.

Drain pasta when done, add to the pan, fold through sauce. Crumble ricotta and add, fold through lightly. Serve immediately. Dust with parmesan, add torn strips of fresh basil. Mop up sauce with fresh bread dipped in olive oil.


jo rosenblum said...

Your way with words leaves me hungry for more...
I've missed the recipes.
You can always be relied on to come up with somthing fabulously enticing.

kitchen hand said...

Thanks Jo. Bit slack on the recipe side lately!

Barbara said...

"cry tears of sweet summertime flavour"

Oh my. Add red wine and Italian opera and make a night of it. And keep the tissues handy.

kitchen hand said...

There was plenty of red wine and coincidentally some Beniamano Gigli. I like to play O Sole Mio and tell the boys Elvis Presley wasn't the first to sing the tune.