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Song of the month: an Elvis Presley song that nobody knows.

(For yesterday's 35th anniversary.)

Has anyone ever heard 'I Met Her Today' played on radio? I haven't.

This Roberston/Blair song was recorded by Elvis Presley in 1961, first released in 1965, and released again on the 1973 Separate Ways album.

It reveals Presley's astounding vocal range, and perfect diction, delivery and control. Where is the centre of gravity? On these anniversaries you hear all the King of Rock and Roll cliches, and you hear the vocal mannerisms satirised; but beneath it all is the sheer unlaboured fluidity of Presley's voice - an infinite range that, when paired with a song that reminds you of the potential for human emotion to take you infinitely high or low, suggests some other power. It's nothing new. People have always described some voices as angelic. Meaning not just sweet, but opening a window on another world.

This insignificant song talks about the joy that comes inexplicably out of despair. Like that window that suddenly opens. You don't know why. You just stare at the light, and wonder why it is shining on you.

Just when the last bit of pride in me was gone
Someone heard me pray
And sent me an angel
I met her today

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