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Good English out of favour.

"You haven't favorited any Tweets yet."


Melbourne Girl said...

I received a birthday card from a good friend in December. It read...

500 million people....

...Who need to get a life.

That's my feeling about twitter, tweets the twitterverse and the twits who think their every moment is worth documenting in 140 characters.
As soon as I see an invitation to follow or like someone or something on twitter or facebook, I shudder.

Dr. Alice said...

I enjoy both Twitter and Facebook, but they certainly are timewasters. I have to recertify in Internal Medicine in four months and have decided to cut back my time on both until I take the exam.

...of course now here I am commenting on a blog. (But it's a really good blog.)

kitchen hand said...

Dr. A., we can take the moral high ground and view Twitter as just a blog with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

And feel free to tweet that.