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Poster posted.

This poster - no, not an example - this actual poster sat above the door of my bedroom from late 1973 until I left home in 1977. The poster came with the original Dark Side of the Moon LP I bought in Brashes record department in Elizabeth Street in November 1973. I played it on my in-room Kenwood stereo - white speakers with brown cloth covers - purchased from the same store in that year.

Other records I bought around that time included Neil Young's Harvest, Dvorak's New World Symphony, the Eagles' Desperado, Sun Music by Peter Sculthorpe and Holst's The Planets. The latter two worked well with Pink Floyd in rotation, a kind of astral travel soundtrack to accompany the rigours of reading economics, D. H. Lawrence and Alvin Toffler's Future Shock. It wasn't all serious listening. I had 3XY on most of the time.

Sculthorpe seems sadly neglected these days. Should be in every Australian schoolchild's musical education.


Thanks to my brother Martin for rescuing the Pink Floyd poster after I abandoned it in early 1977, leaving home prior to the birth of a son who would become the father of the thoughtful voice identifier in my previous post.


Melbourne Girl said...

KH I too purchased Dark Side of the Moon and Harvest, probably from Brashes back in the 70's... Can't remember exactly where. I still have all of my vinyl LP's, although they don't see as much daylight as they once did.
I remember taking a boy home to Mum and dads one night and playing DSOTM for him...turned out he wasn't interested in me, but getting information about the band I was in. Truth is, if he'd had even a smidge of talent he would've known that little visit was pointless as we were not any good at all.

kitchen hand said...

I still have some of mine - I used to write the purchase dates just inside the covers. By the way, I would have been very impressed by a girl playing Pink Floyd on a date.

Melbourne Girl said...

Obviously KH you were not the boy I took home because he did not think it was a very memorable musical experience.