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The last uncle.

My father's brother, Uncle Patrick Melville Kennedy, the youngest of five, died on Saturday.

He is now with his older four siblings; I imagine his reunion with Danny after 73 years will be especially joyful.

Only if you believe in heaven.


Requiem Mass at St Christopher's, Airport West on Thursday morning.


Janis Gore said...

Did you notice how macabre the title of this blog looks over that headline?

kitchen hand said...

Yes. Posts about children and animals have brought similar comments over the years.

Fewer recipes lately might suggest a name change; but I don't want to be precious about a mere diary. Took me eight years to change the template.

Dr. Alice said...

My best to your family. I hope indeed that he is back with his siblings.

kitchen hand said...

Thanks Dr. Alice. Just got back from a packed church where The Lord is My Shepherd and other hymns were followed at the end by Perry Como's For the Good Times and Frank Sinatra's When You're Smiling. Barely a dry eye in the house.