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"Like the 60s or something."

Vinyl is making a comeback, as in LP records. I never liked CDs. I never liked anything about them. The discs, the plastic cases, the size. Nothing. The sound was as cold as an Antarctic morning.

Now vinyl is coming back:
... old-school record stores are reporting a booming trade on the back of gen-Y music lovers drawn to the "warm, rich and full" analog sound and "big, sexy, artistic" album covers.

"This new generation that grew up with MP3s discovers vinyl and they're blown away by the difference," said Chris Pepperell, owner of Sydney's Red Eye Records.
Quote of the story comes from nineteen year old Hannah Sellwood:
"I just love to pretend as though I'm in an era I've never actually lived in -- like the 60s or something," she said.


Now let's put vinyl to the test. Slip on something with a lush strings and plenty of air, and a cool clipped voice that lets the warmth through along with the ambient clicks and pops of vinyl sound reproduction.

This works perfectly and might just be one of the best tracks ever recorded. When I play it on my 1950s Grundig stereogram, you can just about polish the sound as it hangs in the air.

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