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Coldest day since last October.

That was yesterday. Today's reading was stew recipes and the sports results.

Onions are cheap at the moment. Beef and onion stew over mashed potato sounds good. We still have wild pumpkins to spare (wild meaning they grew from seeds cast out in the compost and turned onto the vegetable garden) so roasted pumpkin cubes with garlic and cummin seeds to accompany.

Coffee with old running friends (old meaning long-time, not aged) at Potter Centre today in the sun, then a long walk home with Alexandra in the stroller. What a life. Well, both of us.


Dr. Alice said...

I love your beef and onion stew, as I think I told you before. I add carrots to it and serve it with the mashed potatoes, peas on the side. (My rule: Peas do NOT belong in stew, as they only take a short time to cook.) The roasted pumpkin sounds good too.

kitchen hand said...

If peas are in the pot, the stew becomes "mince" (an old British stew based on minced beef we had as kids, served over mashed potato).

Dr. Alice said...

I did not know that! I love those little details, like shepherd's pie versus cottage pie (lamb versus beef. Or is it the other way around?)