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Car buyer dizzy at prospect of pristine 1988 car.

Alright, straitened times.

So I had to sell the blue whale. (Warning: don't take heavy-handed irony in that story literally, I'm prone to exaggeration.)

Before buying it, the new owner, a retired car fancier, walked around it about a hundred and fifty times, which must be a world record. I thought he was going to turn into melted butter. But he didn’t, and bought the car, and drove away in a fairly straight line.

I know he will enjoy owning it because he told me the car would be joining, in his garage, an old Mitsubishi Magna and a 1970s Fiat 130. The latter model's engine was reputed to have come from the Ferrari drawing board. More likely, someone at Ferrari sent the Fiat designer a black pen to sketch it with. Fiat 130s are not seen on the roads any more as they cost a fortune to run, and then turn to rust. So in terms of initial and future outlay, buying my 760GLE would have felt like popping down to the shops for a litre of milk.

The 940 remains. It has recently ticked over 300,000 kilometres, assisted by Lui Lana of Austostrada Sportiva, who does nothing but change its oil every 5,000 kilometres.


Melbourne Girl said...

OH NO KH...sorry you had to let it go to another home
I remember well, reading your initial story about buying it.

kitchen hand said...

In one way it was a relief, MG; one scratch and its value would have plummeted even further. And I don't have a garage.