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Potato-free mash.

Nothing wrong with potatoes, but sometimes something different works wonders for a jaded palate emerging from a long, cold stew-filled winter. The following mash is sweet and sour, nutty and salty, smooth and unctuous and is easy to make.

Swede and carrot mash with pine nuts and prosciutto.

Take half a kilo each of swedes and carrots. Cut into chunks and cook in salted water until soft.

Meanwhile, lightly toast some pine nuts in a pan. Chop a few slices of prosciutto into pieces and crisp these in the same pan.

Drain the vegetables, retaining a little of the water. Mash, adding salt, pepper and a little nutmeg and place into a serving bowl.

Shower pine nuts and prosciutto flecks over the top and serve as a side dish with ... anything, especially eye fillet chargrilled quickly so it is still rare inside, drizzled with garlic butter.


Oh look! It's September! Spring! Football finals! Warm weather! Right now it's raining fit to flood the Merri Creek.


Melbourne Girl said...

I love this time of year. The footy finals are on, the weather is trying to get warmer, the trees are starting to break out...what's not to love.

kitchen hand said...

Exactly. I was just saying the same thing at home; and the boys said, yes, but football ends soon.

Melbourne Girl said...

I know...we always have to start thinking about what to do of a Friday and Saturday night once the football's finished...but I'm sure we'll survive, as we always do and start having more BBQ's and eating outside. Gotta love it KH