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Stupidly tasty: this year's most indigestible sentence in a food review.

From today's Herald Sun:
While their meat doughnuts completely reimagined this humble snack - paprika sugar-rolled fluffy dough balls with a savoury meat centre - (and which a pork version thereof is also the must-order snack at the very fun Two Wrongs in South Yarra) the "milk and cookies" to finish at Dexter in Preston is a rudely clever, stupidly tasty full stop to a meal.
Second prize goes to the same review:
This "cheese" course, where a glossy-sheened smoked croissant is served with a round of what appears to be camembert that's actually cauliflower, oozing like ripe cheese, is wildly smart and inventive.


Dr. Alice said...

Are you sure Bulwer-Lytton didn't write this?

Dr. Alice said...

And how do you smoke a croissant?