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Raining chilis.

People keep throwing bird's eye chilis at me.

When we stayed a couple of nights at the Kingswood Motel in Tocumwal a month or so ago, the owner pointed out her herb garden near the pool and barbecue area and invited me to sample the chilis. That night I did. It was a hot evening and we ate outside as the sun went down. I grilled steaks and made a potato salad. I flattened the chilis on the grill to char them and then smeared them over the grilled steaks. Then I ate a couple whole. I saw stars.

Then, back home, a neighbour gave me a whole bag of bird's eyes from her front garden. That was a few weeks ago. I've got through about half.

The reason, of course, is that the chili plants are very popular right now as an ornamental planting in pots and garden beds. And they are prolific. You can't eat enough of the chilis to keep up. You have to give them away, like grapefruit.

The trick with chili is to combine it with other flavours. You can't hide the heat, but you can tone it down.

Salsa Mexicana.

I don't know how genuine this is and I don't care. It is good and that's all that counts.

Slice a dozen chilis and remove seeds. Combine in a bowl with four diced very ripe tomatoes, one diced white onion, the juice of a lime into which you have stirred half a teaspoon of salt, and a cup of chopped coriander. Throw in a couple of chopped mint leaves if you have them.

Serve over anything. Last night I split some just-baked potatoes, packed them with sour cream, and showered the salsa over the top. Never eaten better.

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leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Nice, I wish more people would give me free chillies!