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Happy (New) International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development*.

Or just stay home.

*United Nations


Melbourne Girl said...

OH GOD. Do these people ever read the stuff they release and ask, does this gobbledygook make any sense?

We're staying home. It's the best and safest place to be.

Have a good one KH

paul kennedy said...

Thanks MG. Had a quiet night, fell asleep before midnight and woke at 2 a.m. to dead silence!

Melbourne Girl said...

Yep, we were in bed before midnight, but had some bright spark letting off fireworks near us. They sounded like they were in the front yard, but were probably a street away. Hearing the "bangers" go off always reminds me of when we were little and my Dad would buy crackers and let them off. I can still see the spinning sparklers nailed to the light pole..those were the days before prohibition.

paul kennedy said...

Yes, we used to buy penny bungers etc from the milk bar around the corner. All strictly monitored, of course. Only the odd accident happened given the number of people who used them.

paul kennedy said...

And some kids just threw them into the bonfire unlit to watch the explosion. All good fun.