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Coburg Cricket Club Invitational XI vs Vanuatu XI T20.

You don't have to leave the suburb to see an international sporting event. Coburg plays the self-described 'coolest cricket team on Earth' next Thursday, February 16 at 5.30 p.m. on the equally-cool Coburg City Oval, the ground which most people you ask don't know is there.

The boys will be there after an early under-12s training session. Loyalties could be tested.


Melbourne Girl said...

...and the Nelson twins making an appearance?! They're great KH.

Is that the ground at the end of a dead end track under the road?

paul kennedy said...

No, MG, that was Holbrook Reserve Brunswick. City Oval is at cnr. Russell and Harding Streets, but is sometimes listed as cnr. Bell and Russell. People have cruised up and down Bell street and missed it entirely.