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Come and work at the tax office and end up somewhere 'unexpected'.

Today I was invited to consider a 'communications' position at the fraud-ridden Australian Taxation Office. The job description - it's in the public domain, so there's no breach of confidentiality - is beyond parody:
At the ATO, you'll do work you can't do anywhere else.
Nowhere else could you hide $165 million in your top drawer.
Work that is meaningful, diverse and challenging. Work that makes a real difference to the lives of Australians, and that contributes to their economic and social wellbeing. Work that might take you somewhere unexpected.
... Build cutting edge systems that engage, and make it easier to do the right thing than it is to do the wrong.
That last sentence would have any other organisation ripping the ad down in seconds. And I don't mean the bad grammar.


Melbourne Girl said...

OMG KH. You should apply for the least you'd be able to eliminate all the crappy grammar and gobildigook that usually fills their releases.

paul kennedy said...

I'm considering it. Short hours, easy work, knock off at 4.52, several different kinds of leave, holidays, lunch at Bruno's ...

Melbourne Girl said...

I think the ABC needs you even more than the ATO KH, if this is anything to go by

Here's a bit of the memo put out by Director of Radio Michael Mason, who re-named some of the department heads “Ideas Network Lead” and “Head Spoken”.

This is the example that I read in The Guardian-

"Building on the success as RN as a podcast innovator this proposal brings together some of our most creative content makers, we are consolidating our current long form Radio Features team and the podcast content team from Content and Digital into a combined team focused on new digital audio content targeting key audience gaps and delivering rich content for RN’s linear schedule.”

I think they really need you there KH

paul kennedy said...

If 'creative content' delivers rubbish like the soccer international last week that no other network wanted at the price then ABC words are just empty.