Ruminations and recipes from a small kitchen in a big city.


Fragrant leek and potato casserole.

Chop two onions into fine rings. Evenly line a large casserole with some of the rings. Add a tablespoon of Australian olive oil. (Does anyone still buy the imported stuff?)

Now chop three or four zucchini - depending on size - into rings. Add a layer of zucchini over the onions.

Do the same with a couple of sliced leeks, then two or three peeled potatoes sliced very, very thinly.

Add half a cup of tomato puree and a shake of salt and cracked pepper.

Repeat the zucchini, leek and potato layers and tomato puree.

Top with more tomato, chopped parsley, snipped chives and fresh basil. Add a little chicken or vegetable stock to almost cover vegetables. Add cheese if desired. Place the lid on casserole and bake until bubbling.

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