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Written in 1784; recorded in 1961; broadcast in 2017.

I was driving to Werribee on a warm Saturday. It was just after midday. I turned off the ring road where it swept around onto the Princes Freeway at Laverton and straightened up towards Hoppers Crossing.

The traffic was light and I was fiddling with the radio. There was nothing I felt like listening to; eighties rubbish on the commercial stations or boring chatter on the talk stations. I flipped it again.

Her voice came out of the radio and I couldn't place it. The song could have been medieval or it could have been recorded yesterday. But it might have been the most beautiful song ever recorded. They lyrics had that special quality so rarely found: once heard they can never be forgotten.

By the time it finished, I had arrived. The radio station went straight on to the next track. I looked it up later.


Melbourne Girl said...

It's a beautiful song...and she's simply gorgeous! That VOICE!!

paul kennedy said...

The voice sounded vaguely familiar - I thought the version on air (might not have been the same as the link above) was an opera singer. A very sweet pure voice. The song has been done by a litany of famous singers.