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Grocery items 'curated': retailer admits museum status.

The Herald Sun reports on the changing nature of food retailing, in which RMIT marketing expert Con Stavros utters this gem of wisdom:
"Food, in general, has become much more of an experience."
More than what? He doesn't say. Meanwhile, floundering dinosaur retailer David Jones spokesman Pieter De Wet puts the following hilarious spin on having a product range of only 6,000 items compared to the average supermarket's 25,000:
"If you go to a normal grocery store, you have to go through 25,000 products," he said. "We’ve got a curated collection of about 6000 products. We've chosen the best for our customers knowing what they like and expect. It's a quarter of the number of choices you have to make, we've done all the work for you."

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