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Get out the atlas.

I was in the canned vegetables aisle of the supermarket looking for some capers. There they were on the top shelf: two brands to choose from.

The first jar's front label read:
Sandhurst Fine Foods
Baby capers in wine vinegar

Underneath that:
The All Australian Company

The back label read:
Sandhurst Fine Foods
Italian Specialities made for Australian tastes!

And underneath that:
Product of Morocco

The second brand revealed that the capers were made in Australia from imported ingredients. How do they do that?


Ian T. said...

Maybe the capers they're talking about aren't in the jar :).

Anonymous said...

Buy Australian grown capers instead We've been selling them for a while - really good!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Ian!

Thanks anonymous. Now all you need to do is get distribution through Coles and Woolworths - and good luck with that.